Jumat, 31 Agustus 2007

Dari bogana, final tennis meja Epson Cup sampe baby Hasaya...

Jumat yang seru.
Dari pagi kantor rasanya sepi, pasalnya bos besar dan bos kecil lagi bizz trip keluar kota. Kekurangan 2 orang aja kok rasanya sepi banged gini yah…hehe..mungkin karena kantor jadi ga riweuh, ga ada yang perintah ini ituw, jadinya santai dan kebawa sepi.


Trus jam 9an masuk email di inbox

From: Otto
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 9:15 AM
Subject: Makan siang gratis nichh

Dear All..

Hari ini jangan makan siang di luar yah...., cause hari ini kami ( Riswin, Adit, Ronny, Yossy, Otto, Efizal, Devie) mengadakan syukuran kecil untuk perayaan Ulang Tahun kami.
Mohon doanya, agar kita-kita panjang umur, sehat dan sukses selalu.......AMIEN.

Riswin, Adit, Ronny, Yossy, Otto, Efizal, Devie,


Jam 12 kurang makanan yang dipesen dateng. Nasi bogana dan es potong berbagai rasa! Slrup…. Ada kacang ijo, kacang merah, kelapa muda, coklat, duren…. Huaaa… enaknya makan rame-rame

Ini lah yang biking w betah disini, biarpun kerjaannya banyak dan targetnya gedhe, tapi kebersamaannya ituw loh…
Udah gitu karena karyawannya masiy pada muda-muda jadinya makin rame ajah.

Beberapa saat kemudian email lainnya masuk:

Siapakah TEAM yang paling bergengsi tahun ini ????

Jangan lewatkan pertandingan hari ini 5 pm (Meeting Room)
BIZ vs TS !!!!

Please prepare your team
Selamat bertanding sampai titik darah terakhir….


Huehehehe… gaya amat, kaya pertandingan serius ajah

Iya nih, temen-temen gw lagi pada kerajingan tennis meja. Tiap hari ada aja yang asik-asik menyusun taktik dan menciutkan semangat lawan.
Yang penting fun

Makin siang gw makin males kerja…hehe… sambil ngerjain weekly report YM teteub ON..qeqeqe

Hoaaammm… sekarang aku ngantuq menunggu report AE yang belum juga komplit..

Eh…. Jam 4an baby hasaya dateng… kemarin dia ultah, hari ini jenguk mimi dikantor dan tante-tante yang cantiq

Uuugh kangen dah lama gak ke kantor
Cups baby hasaya. Happy Bday walau mampir Cuma sebentar,

Tu…wa…tu…wa…. Stretching… perjalanan masiy panjang niy… hari ini lembur lagi!

Rabu, 29 Agustus 2007

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not (A la folie pas du tout)

Genre: Romance
Kamu pernah gila karena cinta? :P

Another Fav Movie.
Genre film ini sebenernya Romance Thriller.
Di sepanjang film penonton akan digiring untuk mengikuti cerita dari versi "pikiran" si Angelique. Ikut ngerasain excited, sedih, sebel bahkan berbunga-bunga karena jatuh cinta.
Sampai akhirnya STOP di satu titik yang menjelaskan semua cerita dari versi realitanya.

Agak miris sih liat ceritanya...
Tapi seperti film2 Audrey Tautou yang lain, film ini "ga biasa" dan jalan ceritanya bener-bener bisa memutar balikkan jalan pikiran penonton.

Dan aku suka Audrey Tautou :D apakah ituw di film ini, atau di Amelie, A Very Long Engagement dan Davinci Code.

Nonton deh, It's Highly recommended!!

Angélique (Audrey Tautou), a young art student from Bordeaux, purchases a single pink rose for her married lover, Dr. Loïc Le Garrec (Samuel Le Bihan), a successful cardiologist. Both she and the delivery boy leave the shop and depart in opposite directions.

Angélique is a successful art student, having just won a scholarship and grant. She also has a part time job at a cafe, helps her friend Héloïse (Sophie Guillemin) look after her little sister, and also housesits for a wealthy vacationing family. As the film progresses, we observe the progress of her affair with Dr Le Garrec. She waits for him, to celebrate his birthday, but he never shows, actually seeming to care more for his pregnant wife Rachel (Isabelle Carré) than about her. Finally, his wife has a miscarriage and that they separate. She then prepares to go with him on a romantic getaway to Florence, Italy. However, instead of meeting her at the airport, he decides to go and try to mend things with his wife. This is the last straw for Angélique, who is thrown into a self-destructive cycle of depression, ultimately losing her job, her scholarship, and her sanity.

Then, while watching the news one night, she learns that Dr Le Garrec has been arrested for assaulting one of his patients, Soniya Jasmin (Nathalie Krebs). She immediately leaves, murders Ms Jasmin, and rigs the evidence to look like a home invasion robbery.

Thinking that this act of selflessness will win him back, she goes to see Loïc, arriving just in time to see him arrested by the police for Soniya Jasmin's murder, and embracing his wife as he is dragged away. With her last hope shattered, Angélique returns home, turns on the gas, and lies down on the floor. Her eyes close.

However, the film pauses, and then rewinds entirely to the moment when she bought Loïc the pink rose.

This time, however, we follow the delivery boy and the events play out from the viewpoint of Dr. Loïc Le Garrec.

The viewer suddenly learns that, not only is Dr. Le Garrec not in love with Angélique, he does not even know who she is. In reality, every instance in which the two of them have been seen together has really been completely innocent. Only because the audience has been tricked into believing that they were having an affair caused the film's events to seem to be something else. Rather than being a man who is both committing adultery and mistreating his mistress, Loïc is revealed to have been a loyal and devoted husband who was being stalked by an erotomaniac. Angélique's obsession with him had grown so delusional that she deliberately ran down Mrs. Le Garrec on a borrowed moped, causing the pregnant woman to have a miscarriage.

Shortly after the failed Italian trip, a stressed out and increasingly paranoid Loïc receives a present, unmarked and with no return address. He opens it up to find a human heart impaled on an arrow. Certain that his stalker is Soniya Jasmin, a cantankerous hypocondriac, he loses control and physically attacks her, after which she indignantly presses charges for assault. After her subsequent murder, he is arrested as the prime suspect.

At his arrest, his estranged wife returns to him and acts as his defense attorney. He is ultimately cleared of suspicion. That night, however, he hears police sirens and sees an ambulance pull up to a neighbouring house, where his neighbour (the housesitting Angélique), has just tried to commit suicide. As a doctor, Loïc performs mouth to mouth resuscitation, causing Angélique regains consciousness. Later, at the hospital, her friend David (Clément Sibony), who suffers from an unrequited love for Angélique, approaches Loïc and punches him in the face, believing that he is deliberately trifling with Angélique's affections.

Loïc carefully examines all the people whom he had suspected of stalking him and considers Angélique for the first time. He vaguely remembers having greeted her after learning of his wife's pregnancy and having presented her with a pink rose from a bouquet intended for his wife. Loïc carefully sorts through all the things that were sent to him, including a house key. That night, he impulsively tries out the key on Angélique's house, discovering that it works. Inside the house he discovers mass heaps of trash, and on the wall, a life-sized garbage mosaic of him, acompanied by the withered rose. He realizes in disgust that he has finally found his stalker.

In the climax of the film, Angélique approaches Dr. Le Garrec, and listens in shock and disbelief as he coldly tells her that they never had nor will ever have any connection at all. As he walks away, an enraged Angélique hurls a brass figurine into his skull, leaving him severely brain damaged. She is arrested, charged with the many crimes she has committed, and remanded to a mental institution.

Meanwhile, Rachel Le Garrec stands by her husband throughout intensive physical therapy as he recovers from his injuries. Mr. and Mrs. Le Garrec are later shown in a house filled with their many children as Loïc hobbles around on a cane.

Five years later, Angélique is released from the hospital. Her therapist praises her progress and tells her, "If you keep taking your medication, you will be fine."

However, as Angélique's room is cleared out, the cleaning man discovers that every single pill she should have taken has been glued to the wall in a mosaic of Loïc. Oblivious to it's meaning, the cleaner merely sighs and scrapes it into the trash, as Angélique walks down the hall and into the outside world...

Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no haka -1988)

Genre: Animation
One of my favorite movies
Pertama nonton film ini di Festival Film Animasi Fakultas Satra UI (sekarang FIB). Awalnya cuma memanfaatkan waktu kosong pas ga ada dosen, secara FISIP ke Sastra tinggal loncat :P

Pas sampe sastra filmnya ini dah mau mulai, lampu diruangan udah gelap banged..nyaris gak bisa liat apa2 kecuali screen filmnya. Seluruh ruangan ditutup kain hitam sampai ke atas jendela, jadi bener-bener ga ada cahaya yang bisa masuk.
Ya udah, gw dan 2 temen gw pilih kursi yang bisa kita jangkau masing-masing alias berpencar.

Menurut gw film ini OKE banged.
Penonton seperti diajak tour ke dalam kehidupan kakak beradik Seita dan Setsuko. Gimana mereka berjuang untuk tetap bersama dan tetap hidup di tengah perang yang berkecambuk.
*fyi, biasanya gw paling anti film perang, tapi film yang ini melihat perang dari sisi yang lain.

Pokoknya ini film bener-bener bikin penonton ikutan terbawa, ikutan ngerasain yang mereka berdua rasain.

Hiks...hiks...gak terasa air mata gw mulai deras pas film ini hampir berakhir...
Sambil malu-malu ambil tissue di tas buat ngelap. Untung ruangannya gelap.
Ternyata pas filmnya selesai dan lampu dinyalain, hampir semua penonton lagi ...shrot...shrot... sentrap-sentrup abis nangis...hehe

Emang dasyat ni film :D

*film ini juga berguna buat gw mengeluarkan air mata kalo lagi bete berat tapi gak bisa keluar air mata. Dijamin langsung nangis sesenggukan! :">


A tragic film covering a young boy and his little sister's struggle to survive in Japan during World War II.

Setsuko and Seita are brother and sister living in wartime Japan. After their mother is killed in an air raid they find a temporary home with relatives. Having quarreled with their aunt they leave the city and make their home in an abandoned shelter. While their father's destiny who was a soldier is unknown the two must depend on each other to somehow keep a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs. When everything is in short supply, they gradually succumb to hunger and their only entertainment is the light of the fireflies.

The story is based on the semi-autobiographic novel by the same name, whose author, Nosaka, lost his sister due to malnutrition in 1945 wartime Japan. He blamed himself for her death and wrote the story so as to make amends to her and help him accept the tragedy.
Due to the graphic and truly emotional depiction of the negative consequences of war on society and the individuals therein, some critics have viewed Grave of the Fireflies as an anti-war film. The film does provide an insight into Japanese culture by focusing its attention almost entirely on the personal tragedies that wars give rise to, rather than seeking to glamorize it as a heroic struggle between competing ideologies. Conversely, some critics have cited the film's narrow focus on suffering by solely Japanese characters as a classic example of Japanese myopia toward the root causes of WWII and the failure of Japan to address its own grave responsibilities for aggressive acts of war and war crimes dating to the 1930s[citation needed].
An alternative interpretation is that Grave of the Fireflies illustrates the danger of pride over reason. This view holds that Nosaka's alter ego, Seita, must face a crucial decision (on two occasions: when he leaves the aunt's house and when the man in the field rejects him), either stay with the wicked aunt, work, earn money and face reality, or run away. Ultimately, Seita chooses pride over reason, and his fate and that of Setsuko is the result of his own decision to leave the aunt's house. Had they stayed, they would have most likely survived. Moreover, some have argued that if the film is in fact true to the book (which is a personal apology to the author's own sister), such a premise in and of itself hardly demonstrates an intent to make the film a strident anti-war treatise.
In fact, to some, the war is itself only the initial cause of the events. Following the B-29 raid, there are only brief references to the loss of the Imperial Fleet (and thus the children's father, aboard the heavy cruiser Maya) and the end of the war, both in the first half of the film. The story is one of personal trial in the midst of a society which has no resources to help two orphans out of many, and the choices made by a boy who is in over his head.

Minggu, 26 Agustus 2007

Didera dangdut!

07.20am somewhere di bilangan pakubuwono.

Ya, di?
Mmm.. Pakubuwono.. Otw..
Ow ya udah.

*tidur lagih :P

macet gini emang paling enak tidur di bus, hehe.. Itu bedanya nyetir sendiri ama di setirin ;P
*apa siy gak penting

Tapi aku memang ngantuq berat, pasalnya tadi malam di-dera-dangdut.
Sebrang rumah gw ada lapangan yang sering di pakai kenduri.
Hari minggu itu dari pagi orang2 udah pada sibuk diriin tenda.
Langsung ade gw pulang membawa laporan, "nanti malam ada dangdutz loh mbak!"
waduh! Gw siy bukannya anti sama aliran musik yg satu ini, tapi yang namanya dangdutan soundnya kan naudzubillah. Kuenceng dan kamar gw pas palin depan. Huaaa..

Gw memutuskan untuk ga tidur siang biar ntar malem ga bisa melek.
Awalnya sukses, tapi pas dah makin malem dan makin kenceng.. Huaaa... Jangan biarkan jempol gw terus bergoyang... Eh..:P ... Jangan ganggu tidur gw!

Jam 4 pagi waktu alarm berbunyi makinan gak rela. Mo bobo lagi.

*mampang, 8.40am otw med check..

Telepati atau kebetulan yang kerap muncul?

Kamis lalu abis mengalami insiden yg sedikit memalukan di O bistro :"> dengan si abang ganteng, di perjalanan pulang tiba2 sekelebat muncul bayangan temen lama gw.
Awalnya gw pikir ah cuma banyangan aja biasa kan..
Eh trus pas sampe rumah ingetan gw makin kenceng ttg kita jaman dulu.
Gimana dia bikin gw deg2an 1/2 mati, bt, happy, tersanjung, sedih.. Semuanya.
Hiii.. Jadi ngerasa janggal sendiri waktu paginya perasaan itu masih menghinggapi gw.

06.05 sms di hp gw bunyi.
Hah, dari dia!

Him: Apa kabar, yu?
Ay: baik. Aneh, brsan bgt gw kpikiran loe. Kenapa?
Him: gw td kpkran lo. Makanya gw curious. Lo gpp kan?
Ay: gpp. Hehe.. Lo kali yg knapa? Kita telepati yah?

Ga ada jawaban lagi.
Siangnya dia telefon, tapi gw ga di meja. Eh pas gw telefon balik dia-nya yg ga ada. Huh..
Akhirnya abis makan siang dia berhasil tersambung.
Ga banyak kata. Cuma saling meyakinkan ga ada apa-apa dan masing-masing akan baik-baik saja.

Ah ga mungkin. Emangnya anak kembar :P
mudah2an beneran ga ada hal buruk yg bakal terjadi.

Gurlz day out, memanjakan diri di NONE..

Ugh.. Aku kangen sama kalian! Dah lama ga ketemu..
Banyak yg mo diceritain niy dan di denger ceritanya :P

2 minggu yg lalu miss wentul udah nge-booked tanggal yg ga boleh di utak atik buat ketemuan.
Yup sabtu kemarin tanggalnya!
Rencananya kita mo cobain hot stone massage, mayan ada voucher discount... Eh detik2 terakhir rencana berubah. Jadinya kita nyalon bareng di NONE.

Meeting point nya di mbah jingkrak bulungan. Makan siang dulu.. Melahap segala macam iblis yg ada di situ.
Waktu gw nyampe ke situ. Uni farah ama miss wenny dah slesai makan, jadinya gw ditemenin neng tari yg masiy cemal cemil.. Hehe..

Puas makan, bagi2 cerita terbaru dan membuat bibir jontor karena sambel2an kita langsung ke TKP.
NONE di wolter monginsidi. Tempatnya ada di lantai 2, di atas salon gue loe.
Sekilas liat tempatnya sih kecil dan biasa aja.
NONE yg katanya The Place that Women can have Privacy ini nyediain berbagai macam perawatan dari mulai potong rambut, luluran, totok wajah sampe bikini wax.
Yang jadi andalan siy body scrub, massage dan body mask.
Kami berempat nyobain exclusive body mask, perawatan 150 menit. Gw sama wenny pilih masker yogurt, farah pilih green tea dan tari pilih masker coklat :P
Kalo menurut kita sih ini tempat lumayan oke, bersih, private, murce dan pijetnya mantab banged! :D

Minusnya di sini ga ada tempat khusus buat sholat, walaupun kita tetep bisa numpang sholat ashar siy. Trus walaupun mbak2 yg ngelulur ramah2, tapi receptionisnya agak jutex menurut gw.

Tapi kita rekomendasi deh tempat ini.
Paket perawatan yg macem2 itu mulai harga 35ribu sampai 100an.

NONE buka setiap hari jam 08.00 - 19.00.
Jl.Wolter Monginsidi 59, 2nd floor jak sel
(021) 7243693

Rabu, 22 Agustus 2007

Color Imaging Contest 2007

Buat yang suka foto-foto atau bikin desain grafis...ikutan hiyuuu...

ada 2 kategori: Foto dan Grafis

Grand prize 2 juta yen!

syaratnya: 18 tahun keatas dan tinggal di Indonesia, fotografer profesional juga boleh ikutan...

keterangan lebih lanjut klik 



batas akhir pengumpulan karya 31 Agustus 2007

ikutan yah

karyawan Epson beserta keluarganya ga boleh ikutan!

Senin, 20 Agustus 2007

Aku dapat! :P

kemarin, bos kuw bagi2 buku...

1. ATLANTIS by David Gibbins

2. FALSE IMPRESSION by Jeffrey Archer



5. MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA by Arthur Golden

6. SHATTERED ICON by Bill Napier

7. ARE YOU AFFRAID OF THE DARK ? by Sidney Sheldon

8. THE LAST JUROR by John Grisham

9. THE BROKER by John Grisham

10. THE BRETHREN by John Grisham

11. TIMELINE by Michael Crichton

12. AIRFRAME by Michael Crichton

13. PREY by Michael Crichton

14. STATE OF FEAR by Michael Crichton

15. THE DAVINCI CODE by Dan Brown

16. ANGELS AND DEMONS by Dan Brown

17. RECEPTION POINT by Dan Brown


19. LEFT BEHIND byTim Lahaye & Jerry B Jenkin

20. THE INNOCENT by Harlan Coben

21. THE RULE OF FOUR by Ian Caldwell & Dustin Thomason

tapi karena banyak peminatnya, jadi di undi deh...

aku pilih no 1 dan 20. sempet sebel soalnya saingannya banyak banged..... tapi kalo emang rezeki ga kemana


Aku dapat THE INNOCENT nya Harlan Coben...hehehe

nambah lagi satu PR, pendingan buku yang musti dibaca secara 'engkau wanita pilihan' belum selesai....trus 2 buku hadiah Mark Plus juga belom kepegang...hehe dodol

*another swinger

mood swing....




happy lagi



syenang liat poto2 DJ dah di upload



oh... my mood swing

*huh...sepertinja butuh lari sore, nanti

Sabtu, 18 Agustus 2007

Ritual Pohon Kelapa dan Nasionalisme

Pemuda berkulit hitam itu menyebut dirinya anak pedalaman. Tak tahulah siapa nama aslinya. Akupun tak bertanya lebih lanjut.

Kini ia tercatat sebagai mahasiswa jurnalistik di sebuah perguruan tinggi di Jakarta. Sekilas tak ada yang istimewa dari dirinya, tapi tengoklah cerita si sulung ini tentang nasionalisme yang begitu kental mengalir di dirinya...

Ia lahir dan besar di suatu daerah di Sumatra Utara sebagai anak petani karet. Nasib membawanya menuntut ilmu di sebuah pesantren di Madura. Konon, hampir setiap 17an ia kena gampar pak guru di tempatnya menuntut ilmu. Pasalnya ia selalu kabur dari kewajiban ikut upacara bendera.

Aku pun bertanya "kok gitu, katanya cinta tanah air?"

Rupanya ia tak rela peringatan peristiwa yang begitu sakral hanya di hargai "seadanya"

Katanya bagaimana mungkin kita disuruh berkumpul di lapangan, hormat pada bendera merah putih yang dipancangkan pada bambu seadanya. Tak ada prosesi menaikan bendera dan upacara terkesan sangat tidak hikmat. Buat apa? lebih baik ia buat prosesi sendiri. Buatnya Merah Putih harusnya berada di tempat tertinggi, dihormati, diresapi dengan hikmat... bukan sekedar beri hormat dengan olok-olok!


Aku punya ritual sendiri

Tiap 17 Agustus aku kan cari pohon kelapa tertinggi, ku panjat dan kutancapkan merah putih disana. Kemudian ku turun untuk memberi hormat. Dengan segenap rasa ku resapi perjuangan mencapai 17 agustus ini. Barulah ku naiki lagi pohon kelapa itu dan ku ambil kembali sang merah putih.

*I stop for a moment there...

Pemuda yang umurnya 5 tahun lebih muda dariku ini sepertinya tau persis apa itu perjuangan. Setidaknya berjuang untuk dirinya sendiri.

Setelah ia lulus sma, pergilah ia ke jakarta. Sendiri. Ingin melanjutkan kuliah tapi tentu saja isi kantong tak mencukupi. Jangankan bayar kuliah, pernah ia sampai tak makan 3 hari.


Mampirlah ia di warung indomie. Makan dan di tinggalkan KTP nya disana untuk di tebus besoknya. Ia menjadi kuli panggul di kemayoran dan kerja apa saja yang penting halal sampai terkumpul uang untuk melanjutkan kuliah hingga sekarang.


Jumat, 17 agustus 2007

hari masih sangat pagi dan penghuni yang lain masih terlelap saat terdengar gebyar-gebyur di kamar mandi. Dinginnya air tak mengurangi semangatnya sambil bernyanyi... "tujuh.. belas agustus.. tahun empat limaaaaa........ itulah hari kemerdekaan kita......"

Pagi itu ada upacara bendera di kampus.

Semoga ritual panjat pohon kelapa mu tak perlu lagi dilakukan pagi ini!



Minggu, 12 Agustus 2007

Ner juga siy..

"Harusnya dia belajar dari pengalaman terdahulu..
Kalo kesalahan pertama mungkin khilaf
tapi kalo ada orang kedua sampai 2 kali... Itu karakter!"

somehow gw setuju sama perkataan si artis itu dan keputusannya untuk udahan aja.
Yang namanya karakter mo sampe kapan juga sulit. Cuma org itu sendiri yg bisa ubah.
Dalam kasus ini ga gampang percaya sama org yg udah kesandung (atau menyandungkan diri ya?)

Rabu, 08 Agustus 2007

Ciwidey anyone? :D

Suatu minggu yang cerah, terbangun dengan perasaan excited (perasaan yang selalu muncul menjelang session foto-foto.red)

Setelah di set berbulan2 yang lalu… Jadi juga ke ciwideynya. Walaupun formasinya berkurang..hiks…
Jadinya hari itu berangkat ber 7 (ulil, nat, coco, bang opan, nukie, dj dan akuw)

08.00 – 09.00
ketemu di meeting point pancoran. Beli cemilan di superindo, perkenalan dan berangkat

11.00 an
menyusuri kopo soreang…. Ga gitu macet siy, mungkin karena hari minggu.
Perut dah mulai kriuk-kriuk, koleksi cemilan juga dah nendang… kami putuskan menuju kampong sawah, resto yang plang-nya segedhe gaban di sepanjang jalan.
Pas sampe ternyata masiy blm rame, secara blm jam makan siang…
Tempatnya lumayan bagus, bangunan kayu. Ada yang meja makan kursi2 biasa dan lesehan. Ada juga yang di saung2 diatas kolam. Bersih, makanannya enak dan murce :P
Menunya siy std makanan sunda.

Secara tempatnya bagus, jadi deh TKP pertama buat foto2 :P
Abis makan, sholat trus lanjut lagi

menuju kawah putih. Jalanannya menanjak dan sempit. Mana banyak bus2 yang turun dari arah berlawanan, jadi musti ekstra hati2.

sampe di kawah putih….wuih…lama juga yah..
Beli buble soap untuk bikin efek gelembung2, cari spot yang okeh dan kami berfoto :D
Tempatnya bagus, auranya mistis dan dingin banged! Sangat disarankan pakai jacket yang tebal dan ga sering mangap, soalnya hawa belerangnya bisa bikin batuk2.
Bikin beberapa pose yang lucu2, paling kocak waktu pose loncat…. Kalo blm 10 kali take kayanya blm afdol :P
Ada aja yang kurang sinkron, kurang tinggi loncatnya lah, sampe ekspresinya ga okeh…hehe

ga kerasa udah jam 4 (kawah putih tutup jam 5). Lapeeeer lagi :P
Tadinya mau sholat dulu, tapi toilet dan mushola di kawah putih ga banged!
Airnya dikit banged di toilet
Musholanya malah ga ada tempat wudhunya (parah banged deh). Diputuskan sholat dibawah aja, di mushola deket gerbang loket tiket kawah putih

Karena laper kita mampir dulu di warung deket situ. Pesen indomie rebus telor, bajigur dan bandrek. Ajaib banged, pas mienya mateng, masih ngepul2 eh pas masuk mulut dah dingin, iya dingin… kebayang kan dinginnya disana. Bajigur ama bandreknya juga cepet banged dingin.
Abis makan langsung menuju ke luar, Sholat.

Trus melanjutkan perjalanan. TKP berikutnya Setu Patenggang, katanya siy ga jauh dari kawah putih.

ow… pas lewat kebun teh kami tergoda….. akhirnya berhenti dulu, foto-foto! :P
Lagi asik berpose tiba2 dari balik semak-semak
….haaaaaaa…. muncul suara pelan tapi berat
“Hiiiiiiiiiiii…” langsung kabur sambil dorong2an, secara suasananya sepi dan udah agak2 gelap..
Huh, ternyata bang opan iseng ngumpet di balik semak *sigh, masiy deg2an

Selesai. Sungguh session foto2 yang sangat cepat :P
Tapi o-ow… bang opan bilang sepertinya ga bisa lanjut ke setu patenggang, soalnya dah gelap, kalo kemaleman juga ga ada yang bisa dilihat disana. Ya udah, puter balik turun ke bawah menuju Jakarta!

It was great gals, maaci buat dj, nukie, coco, bang opan, nat, ulil.

Fotografer: DJ
Models: Ay, Lil, Nat
Edit by my self…hehehe

Gempa yah?

Gempa ya barusan?

Baru aja mau merem, abis nonton transporter yg belom juga slesai.. Tiba2 tempat tidurkuw bergoyang2.
Langsung aja keluar kamar tapi masuk lg karena ga yakin, paling perasaan gw doang.

Eh tiba2 pintu kamar terbuka sendiri dan gantungan jilbab bergoyang-goyang.

Yup, gempa.

Di barat laut indramayu jam 00.04.58 wib
7 skala richter, wuih gedhe bgt pantesan sampe terasa disini.
*sempet parno tapi langsung tidur lagi

Selasa, 07 Agustus 2007

Wajah - Wajah Biduan :P

Jumat sore kemarin ipe sms: Guys, kalo bisa nanti 6.30 dah disana ya... Ternyata ruangan yang medium ga bs dibooking, jd mesti di datengin lsg :P

lho??? ada apa ini...
kok aku ketinggalan info

huuummm... ternyata dari tadi email2an, tapi di yahoo gw...pantesan.....
secara gw jarang cek yahoo :P

menjelang jam yang ditentukan, mulai terancam ga bisa ikutan....
ternyata abis magrib dah bisa cabut :D

Sarinah lt.13!
sampe sana baru ada raya sama ipe.
tapi ga beberapa menit kemudian dateng dhani, trus nita, trus ical... lanjut billy dan otim. Lengkap! :)

Jadilah hari itu bersenandung bersama melepas penat..
rasanya pingin nyanyi terus kalo ga inget dah jam kemaleman

It was fun
sampe lupa nanyain foto lembang ke billy.... (ipe, tanyain billy dunks fotonya) :P
thanks to ical yang udah nebengin gw pulang :)

To do list tomorrow..

"Nih.." kata dj tadi pagi sambil kasih burningan cd poto ciwidey

".........." langsung speachless saking terharunya (?)
hehe.. Maaci dj!
Bergegas email ulil dan nat ngasih kabar gembira ini sekalian setting jadwal burning day sama mereka. :D

whaaa... Fotonya keyen2, huumm... Efek fotografer, lokasi atau modelnya ya? :P
kayanya yg terakhir agak meragukan, secara template senyum gw pas di poto udah default setting! :P

Jadi semangat pingin buru2 pulang niy buat ngedit poto2nya, di resize biar bisa upload di fs.. Hehe..

Jadi to do list untuk besok, adalah:
- bangun siang
- nyalon
- bikin jus strawberry ama
- ngedit foto!

 *bukan warga jakarta, jadi ga ikutan nyoblos..

Rabu, 01 Agustus 2007

Bobo duluuw...

6.00 am!

Waks.. Udah siang bgt.. Kok bablaz..

Bangun dalam posisi sama persis dgn waktu gw tidur tadi malam.. Terlentang lurus dgn selimut menutupi seluruh bdn sampe leher... Hehehe, bener2 tidur kaya batu semalam!
Akibat nelen insidal, gw rasa :P

ya sud.. Langsung sms bos, izin mo tidur lagi..

Trus sarapan dan sekali lagi nenggak insidal. Sekarang... dan mulai kriyep-kriyep...

Bobo dulu ah...
Selamat bekerja teman2 :D